What is your delivery schedule?

We deliver every NIGHT BEFORE CONSUMPTION scheduled Sunday-Thursday between 6:00-10:30 pm, latest 11 pm. No time commitment.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver in most parts of Metro Manila and limited areas of Taytay & Antipolo, Rizal. 

Do you allow multiple delivery addresses?

We do allow 2 different delivery addresses as long as it is within our delivery areas and advised upon order confirmation.

Can I change my delivery address if needed?

Yes, as long it is part of our covered areas and for any change of delivery address, kindly advise your Healthy Foodie Manila partner via call or text AT LEAST A DAY BEFORE SCHEDULED DELIVERY.

What's the difference between Slim & Fit and LCHP (Low Carb High Protein)?

Slim & Fit is a WEIGHT-LOSS program that practices moderation, variety, and balance. On the other hand, LCHP is a FAT-LOSS protein-based program that allows you to lose fats without muscle wasting. Both come with different caloric counts based on your requirements.

Do you have any customized diet?

We could do MINIMAL food modifications just simply inform us so we can discuss with our chefs how your meals can be customized. If you have health-related food restrictions, we highly recommend to get an approval from a physician before signing-up to any of our programs.

Do you use MSG and other preservatives?

No, we do not use MSG to our food and most of the meals are homemade like breads, ham, sauces, and sausages to prevent using preservatives.

What should I eat during diet breaks like weekends and holidays?

Always stick to portion-controlling, don't starve yourself but don't over eat and be mindful of your own food choice. Better if you prepare your own food or if you get packed meals, always read the label. As much as possible, stay away from processed and preserved foods.

What to do with the meals as soon as received and why are there meals that smell funny/spoiled?

Make sure to refrigerate the meals as soon as received and reheat them only when you are ready to consume it. There maybe meals which smell funny when you open them or even after reheating due to some ingredients. Don't panic as they normalize as soon as you air it out. To better understand the composition of the food contact your HFM partner.